Academic Textbooks

At Marist High School, we are committed to using engaging, innovative strategies and methodologies and drawing upon today’s unprecedented technological resources to transform the educational experience of our students.  In an effort to take an active role in guiding, encouraging, and supporting students’ skills, efforts, and comfort in using digital devices, texts, and resources responsibly, effectively, and efficiently, you will see that, if a textbook is required, the format students are using for the vast majority of our classes is an iBook or eBook. 

Please note that prices for iBooks and eBooks are subject to change.

Freshman Booklist Sophomore Booklist Junior Booklist Senior Booklist

Purchase links for all Spanish, French, and Italian classes (all levels) using texts from Vista Publisher should be live by August 3. You may use the link in the Purchase Notes or click here 

Books for the following courses should be purchased at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of school because the publisher (Pearson) will be sending access codes to students via regular mail.  Teachers will provide further directions when school begins for downloading the books on the iPad via the free Pearson eText app.  Purchase notes are detailed in the book lists.

Algebra 2 Academic

Biology AP

College Algebra and Trigonometry

Psychology (Marcellin, Academic, Honors, and AP)

United States History (Honors and AP)

Micro/Macroeconomics AP

If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Joanne Paprocki, Director of Curriculum & Instruction.