College Counseling

At the beginning of junior year, students begin working with the college counseling staff. The counselors help students and parents navigate through the search, application, and financial aid process. Additionally, college counselors will help students understand the ACT and SAT testing process, and make them aware of deadlines and requirements for certain schools and programs. Together, the student, parents, and counselor work to make the transition from high school to college as smooth as possible.

Marist’s college counseling center helps students:

  • Narrow the list of college choices based on academic and personal preferences
  • Identify possible majors and minors
  • Complete the entire application process
  • Obtain financial aid and scholarship information
  • Decide on which college they will attend
  • Complete college specific information such as housing, orientation, etc.

                      Mrs. Nicki Peterson                Mrs. Kim Myers
                      (Last Names A-L)                 (Last Names M-Z)
                        773.881.5305                        773.881.5351


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