Mondays at Marist

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Marist High School invites local elementary and middle school teachers to an interactive professional development program providing the opportunity for them to experience the exciting and innovative  learning techniques we offer in the classroom at Marist. 

Mondays @ Marist

September 26, 2016: 3:30-4:30pm

Hands On Learning- A Valuable Part of a 21st Century Education

Hands On Activities- The Most Valuable Tool for a 21st Century Education

Participants will be guided through developing hands-on activities primarily for the science classroom but also applicable to other subject areas. Additional resources will also be highlighted, along with an understanding of how 21st century techniques can enhance and compliment traditional approaches.

Presenter: Carrie Spano, Coordinator of Curriculum-Science Department


October 3, 2016: 3:30-4:30                 

Using Essential Questions to make Your Students Think, Re-Think, and Think Again!

Participants will be guided in developing and using Essential Questions that will fuel student inquiry and curiosity throughout an entire unit...and maybe even beyond that!

Presenter:  Joanne Paprocki, Director of Curriculum and Instruction


October 17, 2016: 3:30-4:30pm

Understanding Executive Functioning:  Practical Strategies to Teach Executive Function Skills in the Classroom

Teachers will explore the essential components of Executive Functioning and gain practical strategies to implement tools to utilize in their classroom.  Teachers will be provided with “make and take” materials to use with their students.

Presenters: Erin Kelly, Asst. Director-Learning Resource Program ; Cathaleen Novak, Social Worker; Margie Sweeney, Director-Learning Resource Program


Teachers and principals can register via the form below. Teachers can choose any or all of the sessions. Light snacks will be provided. 

This program is free of charge. Please register by September 23. For more information, email Patti Arvesen.


Attendees may choose one or all of the sessions.