What Do You Stand For?


In October 2016, Marist High School’s Guidance Department introduced a multifaceted program for the 2016-2017 school year meant to challenge and inspire students. #WhatDoYouStandFor will be seen in print and web materials around the school, and will be integrated into many aspects of school life. The phrase represents a school wide effort to promote integrity, resourcefulness, compassion, and resilience, as students will reflect and act on the values they stand for in life. The program will be holistic in its approach to student life, with not only the Guidance Department, but campus ministry, student activities, athletics, and academic departments participating in events and programming throughout the year. As with all efforts at Marist, it will take place within the scope of our Catholic faith.

"The development of this program originated from a discussion within the guidance department.  We arrived at the idea that teens should not only be taught things that they should not do.  We wanted to develop a program to inspire our students to continually examine their values and model those values in everyday life," explained Marist social worker Cathaleen Novak. "The question, 'What Do You Stand For?', will guide programming throughout the year and into the future. The program involves a collaboration among all facets of the Marist High School community."

On Thursday, February 2, Joel Penton, a five-year football player for Ohio State and now one of the nation’s leading youth motivational speakers, made a high energy presentation to students about the power of positive choices and rising above peer pressure. 

During Catholic Schools Week (January 30-February 2) people from the Marist world and and beyond who have humbly lived out Catholic virtues and values were featured at school. Additionally, there will be a series of follow up events for students and teachers during the second semester to ensure there is the opportunity for reflection, dialogue, and implementation of this program. 

Marist counselor Holly Cox and Novak  will offer three workshops for current and incoming Marist parents. This series begins on Tuesday, February 7, with “How to Foster Resourcefulness, Resilience, Reponsibility, and Compassion in Adolescents.” On Wednesday, March 22, guest speakers Maureen Leece, a school psychologist and educational consultant, and Robert Leece, an expert in the area of parent-child relationships,  will present "How to Utilize Resourcefulness & Resilience to Manage Stress and Anxiety During High School Years." The final workshop, on Tuesday, April 4, will again be presented by Cox and Novak and is titled "Teaching Adolescents How to Successfully Navigate Life's Transitions and Become Self-Advocates." All three sessions will be held in the RedHawk Theater at 7p.m.

"We believe that it is critical to foster resourcefulness, resilience, responsibility, and compassion in today’s adolescents," Cox said.  "As leaders of tomorrow, they will need to be able to successfully navigate through life’s challenging situations, arrive at effective solutions to problems, bounce back from adversity, follow through on commitments, and act in service toward others."

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