Fridays at Marist Shadow Program

At Marist High School, we believe that experiencing our students, teachers, and campus firsthand is the best way to get to know us. We encourage 6th through 8th graders to attend a Friday at Marist during the Fall semester! 

Dates: Shadow days will be offered on Fridays from September 8 to December 1. There will be no shadow day on November 24 due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Registration: Registration is now closed as our fall semester program has ended. Spring dates will be added.  

Permission Form: In addition to registering online, each visiting student is required to bring this permission form signed by a parent. Visiting students should be aware of their grammar school’s policy on shadow days.

Arrival Time: Students should arrive at 8am and enter at the main office entrance at the west end of the building, where some of our student ambassadors will greet them.

Dismissal Time: The Fridays at Marist program will end at 2:30pm. Parents should note that Marist’s regular school dismissal is at 2:20pm and student and bus traffic can be heavy at this time. Pick-up is also at the main office entrance. 

If a student is receiving a ride home from a current Marist student or parent, please make sure to designate a meeting spot. It would be best if current students meet visiting students outside of the theatre at the end of the school day.

Attire: Students should dress casual and neat. Collared shirts are requested and no jeans are permitted. Sneakers or gym shoes are acceptable for the day.

Lunch: Students will receive lunch in the Marist cafeteria. If there are any special dietary needs, please email us in advance. 

Questions? Email Mrs. Patti Skalitzky or call 773-881-5363.