Tuition & Financial Aid

Financial Aid Assistance Power Point Presentation. - Most frequently asked questions should be answered by viewing this presentation.

At Marist we strive to provide a quality Catholic education for your tuition dollars. Tuition covers only a portion of the actual cost to educate a student at Marist. Our dedicated parents, alumni, and students sponsor events that benefit the entire school and allow us to cover the deficit. Catholic education is an investment, and at Marist we are grateful for the sacrifice of our families, and we work every day to provide a worthy education and experience to our students.

Registration fee: $150.00
2014-15 Tuition: $11,000.00
Total: $11,150.00

An early payment discount is available as well as a monthly payment plan through the business office. The purchase of books and uniforms is the responsibility of each Marist family.

Financial Aid Assistance

Marist High School is committed to making a high quality Catholic education affordable to students by allocating funds for need-based financial assistance.

  • Currently, over 38% of Marist families receive financial assistance
  • The average award per family for the 2014-15 academic year is approximately $1800.

What is Financial Assistance?
Financial assistance refers to funds granted to make a Marist education more affordable to families. Funds for financial assistance are generated by fund-raising events, the Marist High School Endowment Fund, the annual fund drive and through the contributions of generous alumni, parents and other donors. All grants are based on a family’s demonstrated financial need and the program’s availability of funds. Each family is required to contribute to the cost of educating their child.

Marist High School focuses on fairly and equally evaluating all of its families based on each family’s income and tuition obligations and does not discriminate on the basis of gender or ethnic origin. 

Who should apply?
If a need exists, we encourage families to apply. A number of factors are considered to determine whether or not a family will qualify for financial assistance. These factors include household size, number or children at private schools or colleges, medical emergencies, etc.

When and how should I apply?
Once a student is accepted into Marist High School, families cancomplete the Financial Aid Assistance Application. Formal acceptance letters are mailed on February 15th.


Applications for financial assistance must be submitted using FACTS.  Once an account is created, an application may be completed online.

(Marist FACTS financial assistance info sheet)

Completed Financial Aid Assistance Applications must be submitted with the most recent copy of your tax return. Incoming freshman applications are due by March 9, 2015; returning student applications are due by April 15, 2015. Late applications may not be considered. Letters of notification regarding financial awards for incoming freshman will be mailed/emailed on or before March 20, 2015. Letters of notification for returning students will be mailed/emailed on or before May 29, 2015.  Only one application for financial assistance is needed per family.

Must I re-apply each year?
Yes. Financial Aid is often renewed annually, provided the student is in good academic and disciplinary standing and the family completes the Financial Aid Assistance Application each year to demonstrate continued economic need.

For more information about tuition and financial aid assistance, email or call Mr. Marion Klatka at 773.881.5331--or