Alumni Awards


Marist High School proudly recognizes the following members of the Marist community for their dedication to the success and future of Marist High School. Whether they dedicate their lives to the mission of St. Marcellin Champagnat, generously support the future of Marist through their contributions to service and development, or represent Marist on the field as a former student, these people have more than proven their accolades are well-deserved. This group of elite and prestigious alumni, faculty, staff, and friends have left a permanent mark on the history of the school. For these reasons, Marist High School presented the following members of the Marist community with the Laetare Medal, Time & Eternity Award, or a nomination and induction into the Hall of Fame.

Nominate an alumni for the Marist Hall of Fame. Read the Hall of Fame Mission and Download the team nomination form or individual athlete nomination form.

The Marist Laetare Medal

The Marist Laetare Medal is the highest and most prestigious award given to an associate of Marist High School.  The Marist Laetare Medal, Laetare meaning 'to rejoice,' is presented to individuals committed to our faith and supportive of Marist High School, individuals who are role models within their communities, devoted to their professions and dedicated to excellence in education. The President of Marist High School, on the contributory advice of the Marist School Board, names these individuals.

Mr. Gerald Beeson '90
Mrs. Jennifer Beeson
Mr. Al Brazen (RIP)
Mr. William Callaghan
Mrs. Nancy Callaghan
Mr. Jack Callahan (RIP)
Br. Rick Carey '76, fms
Mr. George Ferrell
Mr. David Foley '85
Br. Paul Forgues, fms
Mr. William Frost
Mr. Christopher Fusco
Mr. Daniel Garvey
Mrs. Nell Givens
Bishop John Gorman
Br. Richard Grenier, fms
Br. Hank Hammer, fms
Br. Anthony Iazzetti, fms (RIP)

Br. John Kachinsky, fms
Mr.  William Katzenberger
Br. William Lambert, fms
Br. Patrick Magee, fms (RIP)
Mr. John McCambridge
Mrs. Suzanne  McDonald
Br. Kevin Moran, fms
Mr. John Mortimer
Mr. Mark Mucha '90 (RIP)
Br. John Murray '67, fms (RIP)
Senator Patrick O'Malley '68
Mr. Thomas Owens
Mrs. Carole Salvino
Dr. Valerie Scaramella-Nowinski
Mr. Larry Tucker '79
Mr. James Tyree '75 (RIP)
Mr. Jack Zidek (RIP)

Award for Time & Eternity
This honor is given to an alum who exemplifies the Marist tradition of excellence either professionally or in service. Professionally, the recipient should be viewed as a role model by his or her peers and have achieved the highest status within his or her professional community. In service, the recipient should emulate the charism and spirit of St. Marcellin Champagnat. The President of Marist High School, on the contributory advice of the Marist School Board, names these individuals.

Br. Brice Byczynski '67, fms
Br. Richard Carey '76, fms
Sean Connolly '82
Carl England '72
Brian Dolan '75
Robert Figliulo '72
Felix and Faith Germino
Daniel Gill '00
Tom Hardiman '70
Kevin Hughes '85
Rev. Thomas Hurley '85
Brian Hynes '86
Kevin Hynes '84
Michael Hynes '91
Joseph Inzinga '77
Jeremiah Joyce '87 
Br. John Kachinsky '80, fms
Richard Keating, Jr. '87
Paul Laughlin '71
Christopher Lawler '81
John Lombard '71
Robert Malatt '73
Patrick Malloy '67
Robert Mulchrone '86
Br. John Murray '67, fms
James Nelson '78
Deacon Andrew Neu '78
Edward O'Connell '70
Donald Pirkle '77
Donald Richardson '77
Robert Roche '81
Thomas Skalitzky '82
Michael Smith '75
Kevin Sullivan '76
Larry Tucker '79
Mark Viz '86
Martin Wirtz '72

Hall of Fame
Marist High School’s Hall of Fame recognizes graduates who have made a profound impact on Marist athletics. He or she must be at least seven years removed from high school graduation and, during his or her time as a Marist athlete, would have displayed exceptional talent and ability, incredible work ethic, dedication to the team, and exemplary leadership and sportsmanship.

Paul Andreotti '89- Wrestling
Raymond Balcarcel - Track/CC Coach 
 Kevin Barry '87 - Football
Bridget Bentley '06 - Basketball
Jay Bergamini '73 - Football
Raymond Blake '01 - Wrestling
Patrick Boylan '75 - Football
Al Brazen - Lifetime Achievement
Denise Bromberek - Softball
Kevin Brothen '87 - Football
Ralph  Caron III '80 - Track/CC
Dr. Mark Chionis '84 - Tennis
Joseph Coccaro '82 - Baseball
Randall Coe - Lifetime Achievement
Daniel Cole '85 - Track/CC
Michael Collins '91 - Wrestling
Phil Connors '69 - Football
Hector Corona '83 - Soccer
Carl Cozen '90 - Basketball
 James Creevy '83 - Baseball 
 Vincent D'Amico '84 - Soccer
Richard Degitis '71 - Track/CC
Dr. Mark Diamond '84 - Track/CC
James Doody '72 - Football
Maureen Downes '06 - Basketball
Robert Doyle '97 - Track/CC
Anthony Evensen '83 - Wrestling
Daniel Evensen '85 - Wrestling
Richard Ferrell '73 - Baseball
John Garber '87 - Tennis
Dr. Gregory Germino '75 - Track/CC
 Mark Gervais - Wrestling Coach
Thomas Gorzelanny '00 - Baseball
Sergio Greco '84 - Soccer
Br. Richard Grenier, FMS - Lifetime Achievement
Kate Grunauer '06 - Basketball
John Guldan '68 - Lifetime Achievement
John Haberkorn '78 - Track/CC
Lauren Haberkorn '08 - Track/CC
James Hall '68 - Football
Robert Hallas '78 - Baseball
Brian Harmon '94 - Baseball
William Harte '73 - Track/CC
Daniel Hickey '81 - Basketball
Timothy Hough '71 - Basketball
Robert Janecyk '75 - Hockey
Jeremiah Joyce '87 - Football
Theodore Karamanos '87 - Wrestling
Gary Kostrubala '82 - Track/CC
Donald Kuehner - Baseball Coach
Raymond Lang '78 - Soccer
Brian Liston '79 - Football
Michael Lokanc '69 - Football
Martin Manzke '87 - Track/CC
John McCabe '74 - Track/CC
John McCambridge '70 - Basketball
James McNicholas '83 - Football
Maurice Mitchell '89 - Track/CC
John Mooney '68 - Baseball
Timothy Nitsche '89 - Football
Gene Nolan '92 - Basketball
Kevin Nolan '89 - Wrestling
Daniel O'Brien '87 - Wrestling
Michael O'Brien '83 - Wrestling
Walter O'Grady - Lifetime Achievement
John O'Hara '73 - Track/CC
Kevin O'Riordan '67 - Basketball
James Pavesic - Lifetime Achievement
Michael Phillips '76 - Wrestling
Jerry Pianto '87 - Football
Anthony Pietrzak - Football Coach
James Piko '93 - Football
Michael Plahm '70 - Football
Charles Powers - Lifetime Achievement
Timothy Pyznarski '78 - Baseball
Patrick Quinn - Track/CC Coach
Russell Radz '73 - Basketball
Russell Rein '83 - Football
Gary Rekasis '71 - Football
Michael Rogowski '70 - Football
James Ryan '72 - Lifetime Achievement
Thomas Salvino '88 - Wrestling
Brian Shannon, Jr. '81 - Golf
Kenneth Styler '75 - Basketball
John Sullivan '80 - Football
Raymond Thoma '79 - Baseball
Larry Tucker '79 - Basketball
Joseph Vulich '88 - Football
Brian Walsh '80 - Golf
James Wideikis '95 - Baseball
Daniel Wollenberg '82 - Football
Patrick Wrona '96 - Wrestling
Mark Zakula '71 -Football
Vincent Zawaski '84 - Baseball
William Zidek '79 - Tennis


To nominate an alumni or learn more about the event, contact:

Constituent Relations Manager
(773) 881-5378