Deceased Alumni Mass

All alumni and friends of Marist are invited to the Deceased Alumni Mass on Saturday, November 3 at 10 am in the Brothers' Chapel to remember the members of the Marist family we have loved and lost throughout the year. The celebrant will be Father Chuck Fitzpatrick '69. Light refreshments will follow mass. 
Please enter the school at the main office (west end).  For more information, please call 773.881.5374 or send an email.

Let us especially remember...

Frank Bizzieri 1967   John  Seguin 1979
Robert Fox 1967   Charles McLaughlin 1980
Charles Heinz 1967   Ronald Golembeck 1983
John Glennon 1969   Kenneth Myers 1984
Paul  Joschko 1969   James Peteroccelli 1993
Thomas Smolk 1969   David Burberry 1999
Alan Epich 1972   Simone McKay 2009
William Somers 1973   Michael Wirtz 1982
James Ashe 1974   John Kendrick 1978
Michael Pryal 1975   AJ Smith   2009
John Bannon 1978        



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