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Parent workshops set for March 22 and April 4

Marist counselor Holly Cox and social worker Cathaleen Novak will offer three workshops for current and incoming Marist parents. This series begins on Tuesday, February 7, with “How to Foster Resourcefulness, Resilience, Reponsibility, and Compassion in Adolescents.”

On Wednesday, March 22, guest speakers Maureen Leece, a school psychologist and educational consultant, and Robert Leece, an expert in the area of parent-child relationships,  will present "How to Utilize Resourcefulness & Resilience to Manage Stress and Anxiety During High School Years."

The final workshop, on Tuesday, April 4, will again be presented by Cox and Novak and is titled "Teaching Adolescents How to Successfully Navigate Life's Transitions and Become Self-Advocates."

All three sessions will be held in the RedHawk Theater at 7p.m.

Please register in advance.

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