E-learning for engineering

IMG_0171   Screenshot_2020-04-06_13.38.38

Pictured on the left is a physical circuit students worked on in March. On the right is a virtual circuit they are now using. 


Just before e-learning began at Marist, students enrolled in Engineer Your World (EYM) were building circuits and then programming a song to play through the circuit.  They did not get to finish and there was not enough equipment to let the students take it home. 

The EYW curriculum developers from the University of Texas immediately modified the curriculum and trained teachers to use Tinkercad as soon as states started quarantining. Marist is now using the free online program that allows students to create designs, circuits, and codes.  Students have been able to use this program to virtually create the same circuits they were using in the classroom and to continue coding.  The students need to have access to a laptop or a computer because the circuits cannot be built using touchscreen but 99% of our students have access to a computer.  Those that do not have used FaceTime to partner with a student who does have a computer.  When done, the students will be able to hear the song they code through the speaker on their computer.

Marist teachers Ryan Doidge '09 and Tracy Carlson and track student progress through Tikercad and help them troubleshoot any problems. 

Attached are two pictures - one showing the physical circuit and one showing the virtual circuit.