Incoming Freshman Summer Academic Program

Marist offers a variety of classes to help prepare incoming freshmen for their high school academic experience. The courses listed here are open to all incoming freshmen to help them prepare for academics at the high school level.  Registration closes on April 30, 2021. Course descriptions and details are available here

SUMMER SPEECH Grade 9,10 (June 14 - July 23, 8am to 9:50am or 10:05am to 12:00pm)

STUDENT SUCCESS WORKSHOP - UNDERCLASSMEN Grade 9, 10 (July 19 - July 23 , 8am to 10am)

SPANISH 1 FUNDAMENTALS FOR SPANISH 2 SUCCESS Grade 9 (June 14 - June 25, 8am to 10am)

FUNDAMENTAL WRITING FOR FRESHMEN Grade 9 (June 14 - June 25, 8am to 10am)

All questions about incoming freshman courses should be directed to the Admissions Department at 773-881-5330 or via email.

Incoming freshman students who need to register for the summer Marcellin Program, can do so here