Marist students explore Spain

Written by Abram Camarena '18


During spring break, a group of 26 other students and I traveled to Barcelona, Spain to take part in an exchange program. The program was an extension of when a group of Spanish students came to Chicago and lived and did various activities with us. Now it was our turn to do the same. In Barcelona, there are many things to see and do. For example, I saw many popular attractions and explored downtown with my host family. With the school we also saw the popular attractions in Barcelona such as a church called La Sagrada Familia and went on an excursion to a mountain called Monserrat.


We went on the trip to experience a new culture and meet new people and places. I personally wanted to go on the trip to see my exchange partner again and see a new country and experience a new lifestyle. Going on the trip made me see the world differently and appreciate differences in culture and life between groups of people. It made me more curious as to what else is out in the world besides my home city and I formed strong friendships with new people as well as strengthened old ones. To experience a new Marist was also interesting because it gave me an insight as to the importance of schooling and faith in different countries. [The students visited and stayed with students from Maristes Immaculada, a Marist school.] It felt good to be able to relate to a school in a completely different country; everybody in the school was welcoming and nice. I am glad I went on the trip and I will miss Barcelona very much. 


Abram Camarena poses with his Spanish student host on a mountain top in Barcelona.