Marists connect in Argentina

By Ayden Domico '19

Argentina3Before the trip [to Buenos Aires], I honestly believed that we were going to have boring, museum-like experiences scheduled for us on the trip. While we did visit many culturally important places, the
experiences were far from boring. We went to several different places, ranging from the Evita Perón Museum, to the opera house, to La Casa Rosada of the president, and two beautiful churches. We shopped on La Camioneta, rode horses and ate an asado meal on a gaucho farm, and even went to a Huracán game at their stadium.

My main reasons to go were as follows: to spend time with my good friend Facu, my host, to learn about the culture of Argentina and how their people live and eat, and to experience a real soccer game with their passionate fans. I accomplished all of these goals, and more. I probably ate too much food, went to another soccer game during our free Easter Sunday, and most importantly, strengthened already deep
relationships and connections made last fall [when the Argentinian students visited Chicago]. Overall, it was the experience of a lifetime where I made lifelong memories that I’ll never lose.

Pictured are the Marist Chicago boys (Domico, far right) with their Argentinian friends at the Huracán soccer game. 


Check out the recap video of the trip to visit students at La Inmaculada in Buenos Aires by Mia Gillespie '19: