Mondays at Marist

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Marist High School invites local elementary and middle school teachers to its third annual Mondays at Marist series, an interactive professional development program providing the opportunity to experience the exciting and innovative learning techniques we offer in the classroom at Marist. 

October 2, 2017—

(3:45-4:15pm) More Than a Number: Make confirmation service hours more meaningful from a perspective of service learning.  How do we increase ownership, engagement, and reflection in the hours our students give? 

(4:15-4:45pm) From Acts to Apps: Technology that can transform your 1:1 religion classes.  Each teacher will learn what apps exist that can be used to engage your religion classes; explore the various ways to access scripture on a digital device and much more. BYOD (Bring your own Device)

(4:45-5:15pm) Actualizing Blooms Taxonomy: What will my students learn in this unit? How will I know they have learned it?  These are essential questions for every teacher.  This session will review Bloom’s taxonomy (revised 2001) in hopes of reevaluating the goals of our units for a 21st century learner.  Bring a unit or lesson you would like to work on.

October 16, 2017—

(3:45-4:30pm) Technology as a Tool, Not the Easy Way Out:  How to fuse "old world" teaching practices  with 21st century techniques while encouraging students to appreciate the learning process rather than just "Google-ing" the answer. The session will touch on several Danielson Domains: establishing a culture for learning, engaging students in learning, etc. The presenter will use examples from a French language classroom, but they are applicable across multiple curricula and subject areas. 

(4:30-5:15) Adding Up to Success: Learn quick and easy activities that can help assess your math students’ comprehension and reinforce foundational skills. Find out what freshman math students are learning to help strengthen the bridge between grade school and high school. Marist math instructors will share ideas on lessons, assessments and more. 


October 23, 2017—

(3:45-4:30pm) Developing authentic assessments in a 21st century classroom: How do teachers know what students have learned?  Begin to transform your traditional tests into assessments that will ignite interest from the students and help you see what they have really learned.  The session will touch on several Danielson Domains including Using Assessment in Instruction and Designing Student Assessments.  The presenters will provide examples used in a religion classroom as well as other subject areas. Be sure to bring an existing assessment or idea!


(4:30-5:30) Best Practices Think Tank: Share tips and tricks, collaborate with colleagues, and ask questions to enhance and transform your classroom . Appetizers, beer, wine, and soft drinks will be served during this collaborative session.


Teachers and principals can register via the form below.Teachers can choose from any and all of the sessions. This program is free of charge. While this program does not count towards PDUs, it offers great ideas and information from Marist and other local teachers. Please register by September 28. For more information, contact Patti Arvesen.


Attendees may choose one or all of the sessions.