Remote Learning Standards

Standards of Behavior for Remote Learning

Students are expected to show the same level of respect for the remote learning environment that they would bring to a classroom. They are expected to behave respectfully and maturely during any remote learning class or school activity. This means that any behavior during a live class (or recorded class) for any class or school related activity must align to our student handbook. Violations of remote learning standards will be handled by the appropriate Dean of Students.


Zoom Etiquette

Students must adhere to the following during any Zoom, or other video conference for school.

  1. Be prepared. Check your Canvas course pages and e-mail, BEFORE you report to class.


  1. Use Marist accounts only, along with accurate first and last names when signing in to any class or school activity.


  1. Students must be on time for remote learning classes otherwise they will be marked tardy.


  1. Students must be in an approved uniform Marist polo shirt, and are expected to practice good hygiene that reflects the appearance of standards outlined in the Student Handbook. Students should not wear hats, caps, hoods or clothing that contains inappropriate messages or images.


  1. The school provided virtual background must be used at all times when in a remote learning environment. 


  1. Be seated upright at a table, desk, or other designated workspace in a quiet area with all school materials. Students should try to join remote classes from a private space free of distraction.


  1. Turn off or disconnect from non-academic distractions including, but not limited to, music, social media, texting, TV, games or other devices.    


  1. To prevent outside or additional background noises use headphones or air pods.


  1. The teacher/moderator/coach must be able to see the students’ face throughout the entire class. Have the video camera on and his/her face clearly visible in the screen when present in any remote class or school activity. Students may turn off his/her video only with the permission of the teacher.


  1. Mute your microphone until you are told to turn it on or the teacher turns it on.


  1. Engage with peers, teachers, and all guests in the learning environment in an appropriate fashion - ask or post questions or comments related to the class/lesson. Raise your hand before talking, and use appropriate gestures.


  1. Do not eat or drink any beverage, other than water, or cause distractions to the learning environment.


  1. Use the restroom before class. If necessary, ask permission to be excused.


  1. Be focused. Pay attention. Be an active participant.


Attendance Procedures


Parents/guardians are asked to call the school by 8:30 a.m. to report a student absent. Students are not permitted to report their own absences. Any student absence without parent/guardian communication, regardless of the student’s communication with the Deans’ Office, counselors, or teachers, will be considered unexcused and will be reported to a parent/guardian.