A message from Brigid Englehart

Dear RedHawks,

Since the first day I walked into Marist High School four years ago, I have dreamed of getting to wear my pretty senior prom dress and walking across the stage at graduation. Never did I imagine my time at Marist to be ending like this, with prom, graduation, senior lock in, my senior track season, and getting to see my friends in question. I have to still believe I’m lucky though. Sure right now, this is the WORST and it’s heartbreaking. But I’m healthy, my family is healthy, and so are my friends. Other people aren’t that lucky.

As a student at Marist I have always felt blessed by the education I received and that has not stopped just because we cannot be face to face with teachers. The dedication our faculty and staff have shown to us during this time is indescribable. So thank you, on behalf of all the students here at Marist. Thank you for all the planning you’ve put into the preparation of these virtual lessons, the availability you have given to all of us, and your continued kind words.

To the rest of the seniors out there, yeah, I agree, this is horrible, and it’s sad and unexpected how our final quarter is playing out, but don’t lose hope. We still haven’t lost anything besides our time in the building. If there’s one thing I know about the people of Marist High School, it’s that they don’t give up without a fight. I know that the administration is going to do everything they can to give us those events we all looked forward to so much.

Marist has never been a building Marist. It has and always will be the people who fill it. Social distancing doesn’t mean we have to stop reaching out. We got lucky. We have every form of social media we could dream about. Sure, it would it be nice to get to talk to my friends in the SLO, or get to see all the warm smiles as I walk the halls, obviously. But we cannot keep dwelling on everything that was taken from us, and what is out of our control. Let’s focus on what we can control.

Thank you Marist for all your continued support. We miss you and we love you.

Brigid Englehart '20

Student Council President