Marist Ice Rink

Beautiful_Happy_Holidays_Merry_Christmas_PostThe Marist RedHawk ice rink is located in the tennis courts at the northwest corner of campus. It will be open as weather permits for Marist students beginning Monday, February 1, 2021. The rink provides a positive outlet for students to spend time with friends and stay active through the winter months.

Students can skate before or after school depending on their schedule. Students who bring skates to school and need to store them inside will have a secure place. The storage location will be announced.

What to know:

- There are three rinks with a limit of 16 people per rink.

- Two rinks will be available for skating, while the third will be available for five-on-five hockey (including goalies). Hockey sticks and ball will be provided. If hockey is not being played, the third rink can be used for skating.

- The rinks will be supervised at all times by a Marist staff member.



- School days, 3 to 5 p.m.

- Special evening events as announced


What to bring:

- Your own skates

- A helmet (any kind works)

- Your Marist student ID

- A completed Healthcheck360


For more information on the rink, contact our Physical Education and Health Curriculum Coordinator, Kevin Sefcik.

Read Dr. Baal's letter about what the rinks offer to our students.