Red Ribbon Week 2020

dreamsMarist High School celebrated Red Ribbon Week 2020 October 26-30 with a variety of activities.  All grade levels participated in “Natural High” activities during Hawk Hall. According to,  “Research has shown one of the single most effective protective factors for helping youth thrive and lowering addiction risk is to inspire them to identify and pursue their Natural High. Inspire them to find their passion, get involved, and show them it’s a better choice.” Students watched videos and participated in class discussions.  All students were also prompted to share their dreams or goals for the future on bright colored paper squares.  Their “dreams” can be found on a large bulletin board (pictured) outside of the theater and on the second floor on the windows outside the Counseling Department. 
Students were invited to participate in “GET ACTIVE: What’s Your Anti-Drug?” spirit day by wearing sport or athletic clothing.  The movie “Coco” was shown during a drive-in event on Wednesday evening and was co-sponsored by Evolve and SADD clubs.  Red Ribbon Week commenced with “RedHawks are ROWDY for Red Ribbon Week”.  Students wore their RedHawk Rowdy shirts to show their support and unity.  Lastly, upperclassmen students listened to a pre-recorded interview with Ryan Kleisner.  Ryan shared his story about how drugs and alcohol nearly destroyed his life but through the redemption and power of God, he is now in long term recovery. 

5kAdditionally, more than 400 runners and walkers made the RedHawks Fly Together Virtual 5k a success. People shared their photos of runs on their own, with family members, and, of course, with their dogs. All the proceeds from this event benefit Marist's Health and Wellness Fund which provides students, faculty, and staff with programming, events, and education in the area of self-care, mental health, and spiritual development, as well as counseling resources for students.