SADD sponsors Red Ribbon Week

IMG_5348Marist's Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) group sponsored Red Ribbon Week October 15 through. State Representative Fran Hurley visited the school on Friday to acknowledge the club's work. 

The week included programming and information about the realities of drug use. On Monday, the group displayed the success stories of celebrities who have battled addiction and now manage their sobriety. Tuesday brought information from around the world on how other countries deal with drug laws and treatment resources. On Wednesday.... Thursday... On Friday, students were able to participate in an online quiz about drugs during lunch mods.

Club co-president Sean Giltmier '19 reached out to Rep. Hurley to ask for her help in making Red Ribbon Week known and observed in the local community. She was happy to be a part of the effort. In fact, Rep. Hurley will be presenting Marist's Red Ribbon Week at the state capital for official recognition. 

Giltmier hopes that the events and information presented during the week will help his classmates choose to be drug free.

SADD sponsors events and activities during the year that include anti-bullying, sober living, and an inclusive community.