SADD Shines Week

sadd_shineStudents Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Club will sponsor “SADD Shines” Week May 1 through 3. SADD’s mission is to empower young people to successfully confront the risks and pressures that challenge them throughout their daily lives. Each day will focus on a different theme related to SADD’s initiatives.


May 1st:  TEXT LESS, LIVE MORE is a national awareness campaign with a mission to end distracted driving, prevent tragic crashes and save lives.  Students will learn about the life of Merritt Levitan, who tragically lost her life at the hands of a distracted driver while she was cycling. Learn more about Merritt’s life and what students can do to make positive, safe choices while driving.  Ice cream treats will be available during all lunch hours for a suggested donation of $1-2.  All proceeds will be donated to a local family affected by distracted driving.

May 2nd:  ALCOHOL AWARENESS DAY.  Alcohol awareness month occurs every spring. Students will have an opportunity to answer alcohol-related trivia questions by visiting RUN ON DUNKIN’ signs located throughout the school.  Posters will located throughout the school promoting safe, responsible, impaired-free driving.

May 3rd:  SADD Shines PRAYER CIRCLE.  In partnership with Campus Ministry, the PRAYER CIRCLE  will offer an opportunity for prayer and reflection for those victims who have lost their lives to distracted or impaired driving.  The Chapel will be open during all lunch mods.  Students are invited to light a candle, say a prayer, and sign a pledge to promise to not drive distracted or impaired.  Students and faculty are invited to bring in a small framed photograph of a loved one that they lost to distracted or impaired driving.  Photographs will be on display during the Prayer Circle.  Please bring photos directly to Deacon Neu.