There is a unique energy to the co-ed community at Marist. “Students four years…brothers and sisters for life” is more than just a slogan. It is a reflection of the real family atmosphere that the boys and girls create. During their time at Marist, boys and girls learn together, pray together, celebrate together, compete together, serve together. They go through the ups and downs of high school life as partners and offer support to each other along the way. The opportunity to experience all of this in a coed setting strengthens students socially and emotionally and helps them become responsible, compassionate young people who are connected to the school and one another for life.


Attending a coed high school has better prepared me for the college environment, both socially and academically. It fostered within me a perspective of gender equality and equipped me with the skills I need to interact well with both men and women.

- Lucy Enright, Marist ’13/University of Notre Dame ’17