Marist students are nurtured from their first day at school to grow into academically sound, faithful, confident young citizens who are prepared for higher education and life. A major part of this growth process is due to the opportunity to discover one’s values, skills, and strengths in a coed setting, where girls and boys learn from one another. With a combination of a challenging curriculum, opportunities to grow in faith, and a wide variety of extracurricular activities, students at Marist come to know who they are as young adults and are prepared to step confidently into the next chapter of their lives. 


I chose to attend a coed school so that I would be better prepared for the real world. After high school, attending college, even on the East Coast, was an easy transition because I already knew what to expect and was adjusted to the rigors and different perspectives I could encounter at the next level.

- Jennifer Abercrumbie, Marist ’09/Temple University ’13/Graduate Student UC-Berkeley