Outside Scholarships


Marist High School is proud to offer academic scholarships to eighth grade students after they test at the school. The scholarships are as follows:

RedHawk Scholar-Marist offers a renewable $2,500 scholarship to students who score in the 95th to 99th percentile on the entrance exam. The scholarship renews based on the student being in good standing and maintaining a B average or better.

Champagnat Award-Marist offers a $1,000 scholarship to students who score in the 91st to 94th percentile on the entrance exam. This scholarship is renewable based on the student being in good standing and maintaining a B average.

Additionally, Marist High School also works with a number of outside organizations to help deserving students and families afford a Marist education. Additionally, many generous donors provide scholarships to Marist that are awarded through the school’s financial aid application process. A number of scholarships funded at Marist through generous donors are also awarded through the school's financial aid process

Outside scholarships are available through the following organizations, among others:

The Big Shoulders Fund offers over 30 different types of scholarships for both Catholic elementary and high schools in the inner-city of Chicago.  Your local Big Shoulders Fund grade school principal has details on all Big Shoulders Fund scholarships. The Big Shoulders Fund works directly with school personnel and will not accept applications from parents/guardians.  Please understand that submitting an application through the school does not guarantee that the scholarship will be awarded.  Typically, requests exceed the resources available but all applications are given consideration. 

For more details visit: www.bigshouldersfund.org.

Daniel Murphy Scholarship Foundation mission is to provide four-year high school scholarships and educational support services to economically disadvantaged Chicago eighth grade students who demonstrate academic potential to ensure they are properly prepared for college.

Scholars are supported throughout their high school years with tutoring and mentors. Summer employment is available through the DMSF Summer Caddie Program. Other jobs are available through DMSF’s Summer Opportunities Program. The Foundation provides SAT/ACT preparation, college counseling, and a college fair to scholars as they approach college.

The Foundation works with scores of community leaders, corporations, foundations and private high schools to grant approximately 100 new scholarships each year and support the education needs of its 400 scholars.

For more details visit: www.dmsf.org or call 312-455-7803.

HFS Chicago Scholars provides scholarships to economically disadvantaged, at-risk Chicago inner-city students who show academic leadership and promise.  Application deadline is December each year.

For more details visit: www.hfschicagoscholars.com or call 312-421-4070.

HighSight provides partial scholarships for students to attend quality private high schools in Chicago.

Scholars sign a contract making a commitment to maintain a B average, attend HighSight’s academic program and participate in the various activities of the program. Parents must contribute a share of the tuition and participate in fundraising activities. HighSight identifies prospective applicants through a network of schools, programs and community based organizations. Students from around Chicago submit applications during the winter of their eighth-grade year.

After completing an application, students and parents are interviewed by HighSight’s selection committee. Qualifying students are then awarded partial four-year scholarships based upon financial need, character, attitude and academic potential.

For more details visit: www.highsight.org or call 312-787-9824.

LINK Unlimited is a not-for-profit organization that provides four-year high school scholarships, mentoring and support programming to economically disadvantaged African-American eighth grade students who possess high academic potential and strong personal character.

Each family’s ability to contribute toward the educational cost of the student applicant will be evaluated by the Private School Aid Service. Each family must prove through the application, verification of income, and parent statements that attending a private high school without financial assistance would not be possible.

For more details visit:  www.linkunlimited.org or call 312-225-5465.

Quigley Scholars (For young men only)  Through the generosity of many donors in support of the long and lasting legacy of Quigley high school seminary program, the program offers $2,500 scholarships (renewed annually) to help students enrolled in Catholic high school. Participation is the most important part of the program, so to receive the full scholarship students are required to be present at monthly meetings.  Information on other commitments and requirements are available on the web site.

For details of the program and an application visit: www.quigleyscholars.org or call 773-973-8848.

The Standing Tall Charitable Foundation’s purpose is a continuation of a mission established during the distinguished, forty-two year career of Fr. John P. Smyth, as the Executive Director of Maryville Academy, a not-for-profit Illinois child welfare agency. It has always been Fr. Smyth’s conviction that a key factor in eliminating the cycle of abuse, poverty, and neglect toward youth is through education.

The Foundation looks to reach as many youth in need as its funds will allow. These funds will assist impoverished youth and their families who do not have access to schools that have the potential to break the barriers of isolation in distressed areas and offer a child an environment where a well-rounded education could be obtained. Our objective is that eventually the youth-recipients will be able to step into the power of his or her own life for the betterment of the youth, the family, and society as a whole.

For more details visit: www.standingtallfoundation.org or call 847-294-1801.



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