Champagnat Day Challenges

Your support on Champagnat Day makes a difference at Marist High School. Take part in one of the many challenges open throughout the day and earn matching funds to double your impact.  









Class of 1974
A generous donor from the class of 1974 will donate $25 for each repeat donor from the class of 1974, plus $100 for every new donor from the class of 1974.  Make your gift now!

Class of 1976
Jim Bergamini '76 
is challenging at least 40 fellow classmates, roughly 10 percent of the class, to give $250 to the Marist Fund on Champagnat Day.  Jim gave his gift.  Will you?

Classes of 1995 and 2011
The Background - Dr. Greg Pappas ’11 was introduced to Dr. Robert Steinmetz ’95 in 2006, when Dr. Bob donated specialized sports vision contact lenses to Marist’s varsity baseball team. Later, their mentorship began after Dr. Greg suffered a hockey related eye injury. Dr. Greg joined Dr. Bob’s SoLo Eye Care & Eyewear Gallery in 2011. He continued working at SoLo throughout his academic career and concluded his optometric training working side by side with Dr. Bob at SoLo Eye Care. 

The Challenge - In this spirit of mentorship and friendship, Dr. Greg and Dr. Bob will match Champagnat Day gifts by their peers, up to $2,021

Class of 2006
David Barrett ’06
, Frank Bruno ’06, and Ryan Byrne ’06 will match all gifts from the class of 2006, up to $1,500. 

Marist Evans Scholars
Rich Berner '89
is calling on all Marist grads who are Evans Scholars to help pave the way for current and future Marist students by giving back on Champagnat Day.  


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