Time & Eternity: Kevin Joyce '89

Kevin_Joyce-433_flattenedThe family atmosphere created by the Marist Brothers, faculty, and coaches made every day special for Kevin Joyce ’89.  Whether he was on the football field or wrestling mat, at a mixer or a student council meeting, Kevin enjoyed all things Marist.  And, he happily soaked it all up with his brother Jerry ’87 and his two best friends, Patrick Coakley ’89 and Tim Nitsche ‘89. 

“I have several great memories from Marist,” Kevin recalled.  “Collectively, the English and literature faculty was second to none.  Mr. Malito, Mr. Ormond and Mr. Leahy were phenomenal teachers who brought the best out of all of us. Additionally, Mr. Hennessey, who was our guidance counselor served as advisor, mentor and friend to every member of our class.”

During Kevin’s four years, Marist athletics were unstoppable.  Wrestling went to state all four years –winning in 1987 and placing third in 1989; football made the state playoffs three years in a row; baseball went to the state championship; and cross country, track, hockey, basketball, and soccer all had remarkable seasons.   

Riding high upon graduation, Kevin played football and wrestled while attending John Carroll University in Ohio.  He also became involved in the Meals on Wheels program in downtown Cleveland.  Kevin firmly believes his Catholic education and upbringing made him the man he is today. 

“First, it reinforced the values, principles and moral foundation my parents instilled in my brothers and me,” he said.  “Secondly, it provided me with the ability to think in a critically and moral way. Thirdly, it gives all of us the framework to explore and discover, in academic and spiritual ways, the one true faith.”

Today, Kevin is the development director for the Catholic Extension Society of America in Ave Maria, Florida.  In this role, Kevin helps to build up and strengthen Catholic faith communities across America by providing funding and resources to poor churches to unleash the transformative power of faith.

“I came to Catholic Extension because of Father Jack Wall, the organization’s president,” Kevin explained.  “His call to serve those living on the margins is inspiring and contagious.”

Most of Kevin’s personal interests revolve around his 11 children, who range in age from one to 22.  Like all parents, Kevin and his wife Krista enjoy attending their sporting events, musical and theater performances, and listening to their life stories each day. 

Kevin considers receiving the Time and Eternity Award an incredible honor. “The real recognition belongs to the Marist family of people who took an interest in me along my four years at Marist and beyond,” he said.  “I have benefited greatly from their kindness and friendship for more than 30 years. My sincere appreciation will last through ‘Time and Eternity’ for all things Marist.”