Legacy Graduates 2020

At Marist High School, we value tradition. We value our traditions of faith formation, family spirit, and preparation for the future. There is another tradition that truly humbles us. It is when a family chooses to send their child to Marist after the father has graduated from here. It is a testament to the experience of those alumni, their belief in our mission, and their trust in our care for their children. We salute the legacy families of the class of 2020. 

Class of 2020 Member Father Father's Class Year
Abigail Grace Barker John Barker 1987
Brendan Michael Barry Kevin Barry 1987
Quinn Butler Barry James Barry 1985
Francis Gregory Beeson Gerald Beeson 1990
Tess Ellen Brennan Daniel Brennan 1980
Aidan Gallagher Briody Sean Briody 1984
Rachel Michele Broderick Thomas Broderick, Jr. 1981
Caroline E. Callaghan Barrett Callaghan 1978
Terrence Michael Callahan Jr. Terry Callahan 1989
Abigail Patricia Chesniak Kevin Chesniak 1992
Jack Hunter Christie Donald Christie 1988
Mary Grace Cortesi Nicholas Cortesi 1991
Christian A. Czarny David Czarny 1983
Stephen Christopher Dorsch Christopher Dorsch 1982
Mara Rose Dwyer Joe Dwyer † 1984
Michael Patrick Dwyer Michael Dwyer 1993
Eva Mireille Eberhardt Tom Eberhardt 1975
Hannah Elisabeth Egan Joseph Egan 1986
Michael C. Egan Michael J. Egan 1988
Grace Kelley Enright Timothy M. Enright 1989
Benjamin Telesphorus Fanelli Joseph Fanelli 1987
Anna Marie Fitzpatrick Kevin Fitzpatrick 1968
Patrick Michael Flynn Thomas Flynn 1985
Brett R. Freiberg Richard D. Freiberg 1989
Aidan John Gleeson Daniel Gleeson 1988
Nicole Marie Gorsky James Gorsky 1980
Amanda Marie Gurskis Peter Gurskis 1987
Maxine Marie Hoge Daniel Hoge 1983
Luke James Hortsman Timothy J. Hortsman 1979
Martin Howard Kevin Howard 1987
Colleen Rose Hughes Kevin Hughes 1985
Moira Siobhan Kelly Timothy Kelly 1990
Jacob Daniel Keneipp Joseph Keneipp 1986
Bridget Marie Kennedy Michael Kennedy 1982
Courteney C. Kostrubala Craig Kostrubala 1984
Brian S. Kovaka Brian D. Kovaka 1992
Lauren Marie Lamb Thomas Lamb 1984
Shannon Grace Lee Patrick Lee 1985
Thomas E. Leonard Tom Leonard 1979
Michael J. Mahoney Michael Mahoney 1983
Jonathan Alan Malfas George Malfas 1990
Matthew G. McKenna Patrick McKenna 1977
Rachel McLaughlin Sean McLaughlin 1983
Eugene James McNulty III Eugene McNulty 1986
John A. Menard Daniel Menard 1991
Emily K. Moloney Michael Moloney 1987
Amy G. Morgan James Morgan 1989
Catherine Tallula Murphy Mark A.Murphy 1981
Kenneth J. Nicholson Jeffrey Nicholson 1981
Paul Joseph Nitsche Timothy Nitsche 1989
William T. O'Boyle William O'Boyle 1985
Patrick Stuart O'Hara Brian P. O'Hara 1984
Emily Marion Patula Kevin Patula 1990
Katie Peterson John Peterson 1984
Nora R. Poole Roland Poole 1985
Michael M. Prkut John Prkut 1980
Nathan James Rahn Ken Rahn 1988
Caitlin E. Richter Tom Richter 1991
Eleanor Ruf John Ruf 1982
Kelly Grace Ryan John Ryan 1982
Robert Christopher Sheerin Christopher Sheerin 1981
Brendan J. Sise Patrick Sise 1993
Kalyssa Emily Smith Kirby C. Smith Jr. 1985
Zachary Robert Stack Kenneth A. Stack 1984
Tristan John Stefanos John Stefanos 1986
Natalee Rose Stiegal Richard Stiegal 1985
Hugh P. Sullivan Joe Sullivan 1986
Nicole T. Viz Mark Viz 1986
Thomas R. Walsh Thomas Walsh 1983
Rachel Rose Whealan Michael Whealan 1982
Daniel Richard Winstead Kevin Winstead 1991
Michael David Yerkes Peter J. Yerkes 1981
Ashley Elizabeth Zon Christopher Zon 1990


If we inadvertently missed anyone who should be included on this list, please email us