Time & Eternity: Pat Malloy '67

Pat_MalloyPat Malloy has been a lifelong advocate for Catholic education and giving back. Being a member of Marist’s charter class, he is among the pioneers of the school.

Pat attended St. Christina, and in eighth grade he recalls that “everyone was talking about this school called Marist that would open in the fall.” It was when Brother Pius came to St Christina and gave a presentation that convinced young Pat to take the test at Marist.  “While I was [a student] there, Brother George Kopper, Brother Ronald Mulholland, and Brother Leo Vincent had an influence on me,” he said.

Since graduation, Pat has given his time to help with alumni activities, citing that it has given him an opportunity to give back to the school. He enjoys keeping in touch with his classmates from 1967, who celebrate their 50th reunion in the Spring of 2017. Pat also gave of himself by serving two years in the U.S. Army, including a year stationed in Vietnam.

Pat and his wife, Cindy, committed themselves to Catholic education, sending their five children to St. Barnabas, their sons—Joseph ’01, Michael ’94, Patrick ‘92—to Marist, and daughters Mary Therese and Kathleen to McAuley. “Providing our children with a Catholic education is a sacrifice that we chose to make,” he explained. “Our lives are based upon our Catholic faith and this decision allowed our family to practice it both at home and at school.” They are proud that their children have made the same sacrifice. Presently, 11 of their 13 grandchildren St. John Fisher School.

He and his wife are regular volunteers for St. Barnabas, the parish he describes as “part of who they are.” During the past year, the Malloy family has become more involved with Garden Center Services in Burbank, too.  Garden Center Services supports and encourages adults with developmental disabilities.  Pat’s sister lives in one of the organization’s home residences, and attends the day program. “Family involvement is crucial to help the staff continue the important programs that they provide,” Pat explained.

As for receiving the Time & Eternity Award, Pat says, “Being honored with this award is very humbling. I am very grateful to Marist and its commitment to teaching the next generation what a Catholic education is all about.”

Pat worked for Illinois Bell Telephone Company for 42 years, retiring in 2011. Today, he enjoys his grandpa duties.

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