Marist Heroes

Marist High School proudly recognizes our heroes serving on the COVID-19 front line. These heroes work long hours – sacrificing their personal safety and time with family – to care for and protect us during these challenging times. Join us as we salute them and pray for their safety and well-being. Check back often as we add to this list or tell us about your Marist hero by sending us an email.   


Bryan Reidy '96 & Morgan Sohl Watson '12
Bryan Reidy '96, Chicago police officer, and Morgan Sohl Watson '12, pharmacy manager

Marist grads in their family include: Dean Reidy '94, Patrick Watson '12, Joe Watson '91, Brendan Watson '17, Harry Watson '90, Rich Watson '94, Jim Watson '00, Greg Sohl '08, Dana Sohl '10, and Nick Sohl '13.




Pat_TouhyDr. Patrick Touhy '10
Dr. Patrick Touhy '
10, resident physician at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, NC

Parents Mary Pat and Ed Touhy '82 and sisters Mariclare '13 and Moira '18; Pat's wife Connor also serves on the front line as a resident physician

Read Pat's letter to the Marist community:



Mike Dembkowski '10 & Dan Myers '10
Mike Dembkowski '10, police officer, and Dan Myers '10, evidence technician and patrol officer

Dan's mom Kim Myers is a college counselor at Marist and his cousins Terry Canning '74 and John Canning '00 are Marist grads






The Savage Brothers 
Kevin Savage '07, Chicago firefighter
Jonathan Savage '15, customer service representative






RochowiczKate Rochowicz '16
Kate Rochowicz '16 is completing her senior year at Loyola University Chicago online while working extra overnight shifts as an ER technician at the University of Chicago Trauma Center.

Kate's dad Richard is also on the front line as a sergeant with the Chicago Police Department; sister Kara '18




MaidaColette Maida '08
Colette Maida '08, registered nurse on the IV team at Advocate Christ Medical Center

Colette's mom Kathy is a nurse in the ICU at Christ and her dad Len is a dentist; brothers Vince '10, Kevin '10, and Jack '14





kate_pochylyKate Pochyly '12
Kate Pochyly '12, registered nurse, Holy Cross Hospital

Kate's mom Colleen Pochyly is a campus minister at Marist and her sister Ellen graduated in 2010






WirtzThe Wirtz Family
James and Lavergne Wirtz, of St. Christina Parish, enrolled their son Thomas '69 at Marist High School in 1965 and began a family tradition that has spanned 55 years, impacted three generations, and produced 16 Marist graduates. Thomas's legacy, which includes his brothers Marty '72 and Terry '75, also includes his brother James II's son, Kevin '87, who we recognize today. Kevin, li
ke his grandfather and uncles before him, is a proud member of the Chicago Fire Department. Kevin, along with his sons, Ryan '15, a Chicago police officer, Sean '16, a Kankakee firefighter, and Jack '18, a future pipefitter, represent the best of Marist and we salute them for pursuing careers in public service and the trades – careers that are essential to our country during these challenging times. We thank Kevin and the entire Wirtz family for making our community safer and stronger and we continue to pray for all first responders and essential workers as we battle this pandemic together.


Lindsay Bullington '13 Lindsay_Bullington_Revised
We are thankful for Lindsay’s talent and compassion as she cares for her patients in the intensive care unit. Lindsay’s brother Brad ‘11 also serves on the front line as a Chicago police officer. The siblings share their love of Marist with dad Bob ’81, a retired Chicago police officer, and brothers Bob ’09 and Luke ’17.






Dr. Dan Slubowski '07
Dr. Dan Slubowski '07 is caring for patients of all ages in Austin, Texas as an emergency medicine physician at Ascension Seton Hospitals and Dell Children's Medical Center.

Dan's brother and sister-in-law, Scott Slubowski '06 and Molly Sheehan '07, are RedHawks too!




Moore_NolanEddie Moore '00 & Dan Nolan '00
Eddie Moore '00, sheet metal worker, and Dan Nolan '00, sprinkler fitter

Eddie's brother Dan is an '09 graduate.






CoutureThe Couture Family
Dr. Eileen Couture, an emergency medicine physician and proud mother of three Marist graduates – Dr. Patrick Couture '06, Dr. Mary Couture '08, and Colleen Couture '10 – is no stranger to acts of heroism. At two separate Marist athletic events, during the years her children were students, Dr. Couture immediately attended to individuals who were experiencing medical emergencies in the stands. In both cases, Dr. Couture's quick actions and medical expertise saved lives. Not only is Dr. Couture a hero, she is also a role model to her children as she serves on the front lines at Carle Hospital and South Suburban Hospital.

Like her mom, Dr. Mary Couture '08 is on the front line everyday as an emergency medicine resident physician at John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County, the county's main public medical center. Dr. Patrick Couture '06, is a neuroradiology fellow at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee. We pray for the Couture family and all doctors and medical personnel that continue to show us strength and courage through their actions of caring for all during these trying times.

Strubin_MedelThe Medel Sisters
Katelyn Strubin ’07 and her sisters Jaclyn Medel ’09 and Mary Katherine Medel ’11 are nurses at Advocate Christ Medical Center. Katelyn cares for patients on a COVID-19 unit while Jaclyn provides treatment on a progressive step-down ICU and Mary Katherine tends to patients on an oncology unit at Christ and the University of Chicago Medical Center. Regardless of the setting, the Medel sisters strive to provide the highest quality of care for their patients while being kind, empathetic and helpful. Their parents Nancy and Marc Medel ’76 and their brother Mike ’06 as well as Katelyn’s husband Mike Strubin ’07 are extremely proud of the sisters’ selflessness during this particularly challenging time. For these RedHawks, nursing is more than a profession, it's a vocation.


Lewis_docsChris Lewis '10 & Dr. Berry Lewis
Chris Lewis '10, is a fourth-year medical student at St. George’s University, who is on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic serving patients at Brooklyn Hospital in New York. Chris and his brothers Kai, Chandler '12 and Bryson '17 are grateful for the example set by their parents – Dr. Crystal Lewis, a psychologist, and Dr. Berry Lewis, an emergency room physician.  Like Chris, Dr. Berry Lewis is on the front line in the emergency room at OSF St. James.  Prior to St. James, Dr. Lewis cared for patients at OSF Little Company of Mary Hospital for more than 20 years.  We continue to pray for the Lewis family and all health care workers who continue to risk their own safety to treat and heal others.


The_Healy_Family_FINALThe Healy & McCann Families
If you grew up in Mt. Greenwood or live here today, chances are you know the Healy brothers – John ’01, Brian ’04, Matt ’09, and Mike ’11 – and their cousin Kevin McCann ’05. These young men followed their fathers – John Healy, retired CPD, and Jim McCann, retired CFD, and Kevin's mother Kathy, retired CPD – into a life of public service. A desire to serve and protect is in their blood. We are proud to count them as members of the Marist family and we are grateful for their service. We ask Mary, our good Mother, to watch over them and the other brave members of the Chicago Police Department and Chicago Fire Department as they head to work each day during these challenging times.



Kellie_SnooksDr. Kellie Snooks '07
Dr. Kellie Snooks ’07 is a second-year pediatric critical care fellow at Children’s Wisconsin in Milwaukee. She is also working toward a master’s degree in public health. Kellie created a website to provide the hospital’s pediatric ICU staff with the latest information on the COVID-19 pandemic. Kellie’s instinct to go above and beyond for her patients and peers is not surprising, especially to her parents David and Marigrace and her siblings Taylor ’10 and David ’16. The Snooks family, who are ardent supporters of Marist High School, always go the extra mile to help a friend in need. We keep them and all families who have loved ones on the front line in our prayers, thoughts and intentions. May God keep careful watch as these medical heroes care for and comfort those impacted by COVID-19.



Dr. Jim Hays ’09 
Dr. Jim Hays ’09 is on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19 everyday as a resident physician in internal medicine and pediatrics at Rush University Medical Center. We are grateful for his strength and wisdom as he cares for his patients.  Dr. Hays’ brother Kevin ’12 and his wife Ashley ’12 along with her father Chris Alfirevic ’79 are Marist graduates.




The Fleming BrothersFleming_blue_line
We salute and thank two Marist alumni who serve on the Chicago Police Department – Mike ’91 and Pat ’98 Fleming. Following in the footsteps of their dad Pat ’67, a retired Chicago police officer, the brothers embrace their profession as a calling – working tirelessly to serve and protect Chicago residents under extreme conditions. First responders, like the Fleming brothers, are helping to keep the public safe during this global health pandemic.  Carrying on the family’s Marist tradition are Mike’s sons, Walt ’23 and Chris ’24, and their cousin Brigid Withers ’23.



Roche_The Roche Sisters
Thank you to sisters Morgan Roche ‘09 and Tyler Roche '13 – COVID-19 front line nurses at University of Chicago caring exclusively for infected patients. Their proud cousins Jack ‘17, Patrick ‘20, and Lilly Roche ‘21 ask for our continued prayers for Morgan and Tyler and for all front line workers around the world.



PITTS_FINALThe Pitts Family
Pierre Pitts '08 and his brother Marcus Pitts '14, have both carried on their family tradition of serving others. Pierre, a nurse at Oakland Medical Center in California, is on the front line everyday in the battle against COVID-19. Marcus, who is awaiting admission to the fire academy works tirelessly at Walmart to make sure we have the opportunity to purchase the many essential products needed during this trying time. Their younger sister Alexis '16, is graduating college this spring and will be attending medical school in the fall. This call to serve others can be traced back to their parents - Gwendolyn, a nurse at UIC, and Arlency, a retired Chicago firefighter. We pray that the Pitts family remains healthy and safe as they continue to care for our families.



Dan Driscoll '14
Illinois National Guardsman Dan Driscoll ’14 is serving on the front line of the pandemic fight. Dan is part of the 33rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team that is providing medical screenings to help control outbreak at state facilities. More than 500 Illinois National Guardsmen have been activated across the state. These men and women stand ready to help at a moment’s notice – always ready, always there.  Dan, just like his father John Driscoll before him, is a man of strong character and respected by all who know him. The Marist community including Dan’s mom Cathy and his sisters Jennifer ’08 and Sara ’11, is proud of Dan’s service to his country. We continue to pray that he and his fellow service members stay safe and healthy as they complete their important assignments.


Shanahan_FamilyThe Shanahan & Duhig Families
We salute brothers Joe '11 and Kevin Shanahan '14 and their brother-in-law Brian Duhig '02.  Joe and Brian serve on the Chicago Police Department while Kevin is an emergency room technician.  The families Marist tradition began with their fathers – Michael Shanahan, Jr. '77, a retired Chicago firefighter, and Patrick Duhig ’70 – and continued with their siblings – Maura Shanahan Duhig '07 and Michael Shanahan III '08, and Kevin '98, Matt '98 and Patrick Duhig '01. We are grateful for the Shanahan and Duhig families and ask God to watch over all of our front line workers and their families. 



Olivieri_FamilyThe Olivieri Family
Alyssa Olivieri ’10, a charge nurse, recently talked to NBC 5 Reporter Carol Marin about the long hours she and her fellow nurses, including her sister Lexi ‘13 are putting in to care for COVID-19 patients at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. Hard work, dedication, and compassion are second nature to the Olivieri family, which also includes dad John, a physician, mom Elena, a nurse, and brothers John ’09, a surgical intern; Dominic ’11, an emergency medical technician; Anthony ’14, a laborer; and Nicholas ’17, a college student. We pray the Olivieri family feels God's presence in their lives and knows that we are holding them close to our hearts during this trying time. As you will learn in the news clip, even Alyssa’s medically trained parents never stop worrying about their children. Watch now.



HurleyThe Hurley Brothers
Brothers Frank Hurley ’98 and Mike Hurley ’99 are two humble men that personify the best of Chicago. Frank serves on the Chicago Fire Department and Mike serves on the Chicago Police Department. Many may be familiar with their uncle Father Tom Hurley ’85 and his brothers John, Joe ’74, and Dan ’82. However, the uncle that continues to inspire and motivate Frank and Mike to help others is their late uncle Scott Hurley ’76. Scott, a former athlete and a man of superior character, remains a role model to them and a reminder of the positive impact one person can make in someone’s life. We salute the Hurley brothers and their extended family of Marist graduates and continue to pray for all police and fire department members who serve our communities during these challenging times.


Carly_RyanCarly Ryan ‘12
Carly Ryan '12 is an attending nurse treating COVID-19 patients at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She and her colleagues have been on the front line battling this pandemic since day one. Like her parents, Tom and Jeanette, and siblings Connor '11, Marty '15 and Kelsey '16, Carly is a person of faith and a natural leader. The Marist community stands behind her. May God continue to bless health care workers like Carly so that they may continue to help heal our nation.




McNicholas_and_RowanDr. Brian McNicholas '06 and Dr. Dan Rowan '06
First they were cousins, then they were RedHawks, now Brian McNicholas '06 and Dan Rowan '06 are emergency room physicians working night and day to care for COVID-19 patients in Ohio and Pennsylvania, respectively.

Their families, including uncle Jim McNicholas ‘83, brother/cousin Phil McNicholas '02, sister/cousin Caity McNicholas Rapp '08, and brother/cousin Mike Rowan '10 appreciate the Marist family's prayers for Brian and Dan and all those working on the front line during this challenging time.




Melissa Blisk Lane '10
Melissa Blisk Lane ’10 is a nurse working the night shift in a newly configured intensive care unit for COVID-19 patients at Advocate Christ Medical Center. We pray that Melissa’s faith will light her way as she treats her patients during such a difficult and stressful time. And, we hope Melissa feels the warm embrace of the Marist family, which includes her brother Jim Blisk ’11 and their mom Sue, an administrative assistant in Athletics, as she summons the strength to do all that she can for her patients each night.



Lorna_McCallLorna McCall '15 and Shirley McCall
Today we shine the spotlight on an amazing mother/daughter duo – Lorna McCall ’15, a Chicago police officer, and mom Shirley, a Chicago firefighter. Like all first responders, the McCall women must be prepared to respond to a variety of emergencies, including global health pandemics like the one we face today. We applaud their bravery and are grateful for the peace of mind they provide through their presence and abilities.


<p><strong>Dan Driscoll '14</strong><br />Hopkins_Gainer_Lavin_FINALMaggie Hogan '08, Brian Lavin '07, Tim Gainer '89, and Matt Gainer '91
Cousins Maggie Hogan (Hopkins) '08, Brian Lavin ‘97, and their uncle Tim Gainer ‘89 represent a family on the front line of this pandemic fight. Maggie, who works at the University of Chicago Hospital serves as a dedicated registered nurse. Uncle Tim, who serves on the Illinois State Police with his nephew Brian and his brother, Matt Gainer ‘91, are protecting us each day and making sure our state remains safe.

We salute this family that has a long and ongoing tradition with Marist High School. Maggie's husband Brian Hogan '03, twin sisters Bridget '09 and Allison '09, and twin brothers Dan '13 and Brendan '13 are all Marist graduates, along with Brian Lavin's brother Charley '95. Tim's sons Emmett '17 and Quinn '19 attended Marist, while his daughter Anne '21 and son Owen '22 are current RedHawks. Matt’s son Jack ‘13 and daughter Isabella ‘19 are also proud graduates of Marist. We thank and pray for Maggie, Brian, Tim, and Matt and all front line health care and law enforcement personnel and their families during this challenging time.


Nicholas Cozzi ‘08, MD, MBA

"It is rather fitting the challenge of our times occurs during Lent as we make our way towards the promise of Easter. The time has come for us to follow St. Marcellin Champagnat’s lead and shine our lanterns amid what seems like an unbearable storm. As a chief emergency medicine resident, I am reminded that God rewards a warm heart and willing hand. I am a witness to acts of immeasurable kindness and selflessness. Nurses and doctors fight a hidden enemy that silently threatens those we love. The environmental service worker arduously cleans our patients’ rooms to support her children at home. Families create cards telling us they love us and support our mission. Restaurants provide food to keep us nourished. Through it all, we have and will continue to be there. It is an honor to serve."

Dr. Cozzi's brother Dan '04 also attended Marist High School.




Maloney_OLoughlin_RiosMeg Maloney ’12, Meghan O’Loughlin ’12 and Ashley Rios ’13

The nurses are wearing goggles donated by the Marist Science Department to Little Company of Mary Medical Center. Marist donated more than 50 boxes of latex gloves and two large cases of safety goggles to the hospital.

Meg is the daughter of Ruth and Tom Maloney ’70 and sister of Mike ’01 and Brendan ‘06. Ruth is the administrative assistant to Marist President Brother Hank Hammer. According to Ruth, Meg stops by to pick up dinner on the nights she works. The Maloneys must leave Meg’s meal outside, but it gives them an opportunity to see her and lets Meg share her day with them.

Meghan’s sisters, Maureen Evans ’06 and Kelly Downs ’07, and her husband Sean O’Loughlin ’11 are Marist grads. In early March, Ashley and her 2012 softball teammates were inducted into the Marist Hall of Fame.