Patrick Touhy Letter

Dear Marist family,

The global pandemic caused by the Sars-CoV-2 virus has brought unique and unprecedented challenges to all of us. My thoughts and prayers are with you all as we traverse these uncharted waters. I believe that adverse situations offer wonderful opportunities to reflect.

Working in the healthcare industry was my personal goal for many years. Individual goals come to fruition through the tutelage, support, and love of a team. As I reflect on the team that enabled me to achieve my goal, I am often brought to 4200 W 115th St, Chicago, IL and the grounds of Marist.

There, so many individuals represent the subtle beauties of humanity through daily acts of kindness. The selflessness of the students and staff at Marist cultivates a pay-it-forward, thoughtful culture that follows students years after graduation. I know this because I routinely witness other former Marist graduates find a way to improve the lives of others through their vocations – no matter the profession or employer. For this reason, I find myself repeatedly in awe of classmates and alumni. Thank you Marist students, faculty and alumni for what you do, and furthermore, for being you.

To those in the graduating class of 2020, a sincere congratulations on what probably has been a remarkable four years. Know that your flexibility and patience during this possibly stressful last semester are admired (to say the least). Your accomplishments will undoubtedly be remembered and celebrated.

Moreover, when this health crisis ceases, a new and exciting day will approach Marist High School and the greater Marist family. I look forward to observing how Marist continues to make a positive impact on the world.

Go RedHawks,
Dr. Pat Touhy '10