Time & Eternity: Robert Mulchrone '86

*      Robert_MulchroneRobert Mulchrone, class of ’86, said that when he attended Marist, he felt it was a challenging environment that he perhaps didn’t fully appreciate until he went to college and discovered how easy college was after the challenging time he had at Marist.

*      “I think Marist was a great experience,” Robert said.  “There we were – 500 boys – and it was quite a challenge. I’m not sure that I fully appreciated it until I went to college, and found out how easy it was.”

*      Robert’s decision to attend Marist was unique in his family.  He had five brothers and three sisters (he was the eighth child), and the high schools chosen by his siblings were all recognizable names.  However, because he felt Marist provided a better opportunity, he made his choice to be a Marist, and has never regretted that decision.

*      “I played football for four years, and I have continued friendships with guys I’ve known since high school,” Robert said.  I really appreciate the opportunities that have been endless because of Marist connections along the way.”

*      Robert graduated with a degree in speech communication, from the University of Illinois in Champagne/Urbana in 1990, and from there, he went to the Chicago Mercantile exchange, where he owned a brokerage group.  As technology changed, Robert said his business became his biggest competitor, so in 2010 he began to work in a financial investment firm.

*      Today, Robert is married to Hannah, his wife of 15 years.  Together they have three children, Evelyn, 13, Will 12, and Ewan, 8.  He said two of the young men who attended his oldest daughter’s birthday party are sons of fathers who attended Marist. As he said, he has definitely maintained friendships he made in high school.

*      “Marist was a challenging school – academically and scholastically.  Little did I know at the time the rewards I still, to this day, reap.”