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Americans in Paris by Alex Klimala '16

FranceExciting, intriguing, informative. These are just some of the words that can be used to describe the student exchange trip to Lyon, France. We were able to better our comprehension of the language, and experience the culture of the beautiful country during this 11-day stay in host families. We visited the Basilica of Fouvière, the silk weavers’ museum, Notre Dame de l’Hermitage where Saint Marcellin Champagnat lived, and much more in Lyon. We also traveled outside of the city to places such as Paris and Geneva.

As we went on this journey together as students, we grew together during this experience and formed new relationships or strengthened old ones with each other.

This was a once in a lifetime experience that we all truly appreciated. It gave us different outlooks on life, and helped is to experience new things. This trip also took us out of our comfort zone ad made us realize how much we have learned of the course of our years at Marist as we studied the French language and learned of the culture.

The Lyon exchange program was a great experience that I feel we would all do again.

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