2020 Senior Art Show

Antonio MilazzoThe senior art show is always a popular event that showcases the talent, creativity, and perspective of our artists. We want to recognize these innovative creators for their hard work and for sharing their gifts with our community. 

The evening would have included painting, graphic design, drawing, pottery, photography, and more. Due to the school closure, not all of their pieces were able to be uploaded to the event website, check out a good number of their creations here

Congratulations to our senior artists:

Samantha Benak               

Amanda Blasco                  

Margaret Betka

Zoe Chalmers-Smith         

Grace Clark

Paige Cormier

Grace Crosby                      

Mia Crotty

Billy Curtin

Trinity Day

Chloe Devries                     

Brianna Dicristina

Emily Egan

Ben Fanelli

Juliana Filippo

Grace Gbur                         

Victoria Georgelos

Emily Goosherst

Sophie Hayes

Peyton Horkavy

Kivonte Houston               

Riley Imwie

Emily Johnson                    

Shannon Kelly 

Lauren Kulhanek

Gianna Macino

Mark Martino

Rachel McLaughlin

Reese McMullin

Antonio Milazzo, created the image above

Jada Milazzo

Emily Moloney                   

Julia Mooncotch                

Emily Moran 

Zayanna Nevarez

Emily Oskielunas

Nora Poole 

Nathan Rahn                      

Samantha Ramos

Reginald Riley                     

Jennifer Reilly

Jordyn Ruffins                    

Aixa Sanchez                      

Max Sene                             

Carly Stack 

Erin Turner

Grace Van Cleave

Samantha Washington 

Leroy Zepeda

Ashley Zon