In order to maintain the integrity of the band program at Marist High School we would like to offer parents some assistance in renting and/or purchasing an instrument for their young musician. There are hundreds of brands of musical instruments available, and just like other merchandise, some are of dubious quality. 

Please be aware that there are instruments now being imported from various parts of the world that do not meet American standards for pitch and longevity. Low quality instruments will not hold up to the day to day student demands, will not provide your child with a satisfying experience and most do not even play well in tune. We recommend that you don't purchase instruments at the same place that you can buy paper products.


Brand recommendations

Instrument brands that we have found to be of a high quality for the beginning musician are manufactured to perform well in school bands and will physically hold up under the day to day use by younger players.

  • Oboe - Selmer
  • Clarinet - Vito, Selmer, or Buffet
  • Alto Sax - Vito, Selmer or Yamaha
  • Tenor Sax - Vito, Selmer
  • Trumpet - Bach, Holton or Yamaha
  • Horn - Holton, Conn or Yamaha
  • Trombone - Bach or Yamaha
  • Baritone - Bach, Yamaha or Holton
  • Percussion - Yamaha (Drum) and Musser (Keyboard Instruments)

Instrument rental companies
We work very hard to supply you with information about companies who will rent you a good high-quality instrument that your child will have success playing.    

Our main rental agent is Quinlan and Fabish (630.654.4111).

On line purchases and garage sales
We recommend that you do not purchase instruments from Internet sites, at garage sales or at non-music retails outlets such as warehouse clubs, without speaking to a band director first. What may look like a good instrument and a good deal can really be an instrument with many flaws. We can help you make an informed decision.

Purchasing an Instrument
It is extremely important when you make a decision to purchase an instrument that you speak with Mr. Creagh.  He can be reached via email or at 773.881.5362.  Again, we want you to invest in a high quality instrument that will perform well for your child and stand the test of time. Please use the same brands we recommend for rental as a guideline.