Lantern Theater seeks music director

Marist High School's alumni run Lantern Theater seeks a music director:

The Music Director is responsible for working with the Director in preparing Lantern Theater's musicals for public performance. This includes casting, rehearsing, and conducting (through various means) the orchestra (or orchestration program). 

The Music Director works with the Director in scheduling rehearsals, deciding which cast members should be present, and planning what the directors expect to accomplish at each rehearsal.
Typical responsibilities may include:

  • Auditioning performers and assisting the directors with casting
  • Scheduling music rehearsals in collaboration with the director, choreographer, and stage manager
  • Helping cast members learn their music
  • Leading music rehearsals
  • Serving as conductor of the orchestra or orchestration program (experience using OrchExtra is a plus)
  • Working with the sound designer
  • Attending production meetings and rehearsals, as needed

The position of Music Director for Lantern Theatre is competitively paid. Must comply with Marist and Archdiocese of Chicago training for staff and volunteers. 

Interested candidates should email Lantern Theater.