2020-21 Winter Sports Update

Winter sports, including bowling, competitive cheer, and competitive dance are scheduled to host tryouts on November 16, 2020.  The first contest in each sport may occur on November 30, 2020, and we are working to schedule contests in compliance with IHSA rules.  These sports will be subject to various mitigations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sport-specific guidelines for each program will be communicated to team members and parents. 
The wrestling season has been moved to the IHSA summer season beginning April, 19, 2021, in the hope that wrestling activity is permissible at that time.   
As it relates to boys’ and girls’ basketball, last Tuesday the IDPH in conjunction with the governor’s office moved basketball from the medium to high risk sport category.  On Wednesday, the IHSA announced it planned on proceeding with the basketball season as scheduled on November 16.  The IHSA believes it has reliable plan to proceed with the season in terms of the student-athletes’ health and safety.  Below are the IHSA’s sport-specific guidelines for the season.  

Basketball      Bowling      Cheer      Dance 

Marist and schools throughout Illinois are currently vetting the safety and legal ramifications of playing high school basketball games this winter. Your child’s safety and well-being are our first priority as we work toward a decision.  Please know that we remain committed to the total high school experience and will work to support our student-athletes, whatever the outcome. 

Marist Athletic Director Eric Simpson can be contacted via email.