Boys basketball coach position

Marist High School is seeking a head boys basketball coach for the 2018-2019 season. Applicants must submit materials--resume, references, and cover letter--to Athletic Director Eric Simpson no later than Monday, June 18.


1. Can organize and supervise a total basketball program
2. Has previous successful coaching experience in high school or college
3. Must have substantial knowledge of the technical aspects of basketball
4. Must support the mission of Marist High School

Reports to: The Athletic Director, who provides overall objectives and final evaluation in conjunction with the Principal.


Duties and Responsibilities

1. Maintains thorough knowledge of all athletic policies and is responsible for the implementation of these policies by the entire basketball coaching staff.
2. Possesses knowledge of IHSA and conference regulations; implements same consistently and interprets them for staff.
3. Understands the proper administrative line of command and refers all requests or grievances through proper channels.
4. Aware of all public/staff/departmental meetings that require attendance.

Staff Responsibilities

1. Establishes the fundamental philosophy, skills, and techniques to be taught by staff.
2. Designs conferences, clinics, and staff meetings to insure staff awareness of overall program.
3. Trains, and informs staff, promotes professional growth by encouraging clinic attendance.
4. Maintains discipline and works to increase morale and cooperation with the team.

Administrative Duties

1. Assists the Athletic Director in scheduling, arranging transportation, and organizing requirements for tournaments and special events
2. Cooperates with maintenance and school employees
3. Participates in the budgeting function with the Athletic Director.
4. Operates within budget appropriations.
5. Assists the athlete in his college or advanced selection.
6. Maintains accurate inventory of equipment and supplies.

Public Relations

1. Organizes parents, coaches, players, and guests for pre-season meetings

2. Maintains good public relations with the news media, parents, officials, volunteers, and fans.

3. Presents information to news media concerning schedules, tournaments, and results as requested.
4. Markets the school to prospective students as permitted by IHSA by-laws


Marist High School is an equal opportunity employer and will consider all applicants for all positions equally without regard to their race, sex, age, color, national origin, or disability in accordance with applicable laws.