Soccer to play Rice and help police officers

IMG_6306Marist High School’s boys' soccer program will face Br. Rice on Saturday, September 7, at 3 p.m. at Br. Rice's Coach Tom Mitchell Field. There will be a good will offering accepted at the gate.

While both teams look forward to competing for the Pulaski Cup, for several years now, the players and coaches have focused on honoring fallen first responders of the attacks on 9-11. Their goal has been to focus on those who serve. 

This year, the two teams are working together to help Chicago police officers. All proceeds from the gate, t-shirt sales, and donations will go to Get Behind the Vest. The organization helps police officers purchase bullet proof vests. Vests need to be replaced every five years. Chicago police officers are responsible for replacing their own vests. At $500 or more per vest, in addition to other equipment and uniform expenses, the costs can quickly add up. 

Any company that donates $50 or more to this event will be announced over the PA at the game. For more information about the game and fundraiser, email Coach Sean Maxwell

“This is a great way for our team to give back to the members of the community to do so much for all of us,” explained Marist’s head coach Sean Maxwell. “It also reminds our students that as great as competing is, community holds even more importance.”