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Explore program places students in summer internships, programs

The Explore program helps connect students to research and shadow opportunities, summer jobs and programs, and more. Check out where some of our Marist students will be doing hands-on learning this summer. 

College Summer Programs

  • Andres Castillo ‘19 earned a full scholarship to attend Summer Seminar at the United States Naval Academy.
  • Jalon Jones '19 was accepted to attend a one-week, free pharmacy program at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.
  • Elizabeth Lopez '19 was accepted to attend a one-week, free business program at the University of Iowa.
  • Nicholas Blanchard '20 and Katelynn Lesmeister ‘19 have applied to study Russian / Chinese at Lewis University. If accepted, s/he will study for free and earn college credit this summer.
  • Lina Murphy ‘19 and Rose Enright ‘ 19 will be taking classes with Chicago’s Pulse to earn their Certified Nursing Assistant certification.
  • James Kavanaugh '19 is attending a Game Design Academy at DePaul University.

Shadowing, Volunteering, & Internships

  • Jacob Mozdzen '18 will be doing paid cancer research at the University of Chicago.
  • Sean Giltmier '19 will be completing unpaid biology research position at Lewis University with Dr. Jerry Kavouras ‘90.
  • Jack Luzzo '19 will be an intern in finance at Citadel with Gerald Beeson ‘90.
  • Andrea Martinez '19 applied to be part of Anti-Cruelty's mentoring program to pursue her interest in veterinary medicine. If accepted, she will participate in this program one Saturday each month during her senior year.
  • Eddie Stifter '19 has a paid internship at an engineering firm, Shambaugh & Sons, with Kyle Gansel ‘00.
  • Annie Stinites ‘19 is volunteering and shadowing with a Marist alum, Jack Reuter ‘76 at Impact Physical Therapy.
  • Elizabeth Lopez '19, Katie Mather '19, Gracie Oswald '19, Caitlin Ryan '19, & Katherine Giltmier '20 will be shadowing and working at a dental office this summer to explore their interest in pursuing a career in dentistry.
  • Brianna Brown '20 will be volunteering at Paws and shadowing a veterinarian to pursue her interest in veterinary medicine.
  • Multiple sophomore and juniors students applied and were accepted to volunteer at Christ Hospital and Palos Hospital in order to see if a career in medicine is right for them.



  • Interested in Physical Therapy? There's a Marist alum, Jack Reuter ‘76 at Impact Physical Therapy (104th & Cicero) who is open to having more Marist students in for observation hours.
  • Interested in Dentistry? There's a Marist alum, Dr. Chris Gorski ‘08 at an office in Orland Park who is open to having Marist students shadow with him.
  • Freshmen and sophomores can get a head start with the college process at Motivate Me conference on June 2nd at Dominican University.


Want to explore different cultural experiences, colleges, or careers? Were you accepted for a cool opportunity, program, or internship this summer? Let Mrs. McArdle know.

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