2020 Faculty/Staff Years of Service and Retirements

Marist's faculty and staff members are critical to our success. We are thankful for the dedication and passion. 

As the 2020-2021 has come to an end, we wish two of our family members a happy, healthy retirement! We are grateful for all you have done for Marist. Mrs. Sue Gardner (left) has served as our school nurse, bringing care and comfort to students and parents, while educating teachers and staff members. Mrs. Cathy Chambers has taught Spanish in the World Language Department and made kindness the center of her teaching style. 

ST326  ST127 


Additionally, Marist High School administrators want to recognize faculty and staff members for their years of service to the school. Many thanks to these members for seeing their occupation as vocation at Marist.

45 Years Pat Hennessy
25 Years Jeff Nicholson '81
20 Years Marlene Micetich
  Vic Trevino
15 Years Brendan Heffernan '99
  Rita Hoffmann
  Eileen Keffer
  Chris Lesher
  Felipe Maldonado
  Don Pirkle '77
10 Years Brian Clancy
  Kristen Rademacher