All Saints' Day Mass 2019

IMG_3003The Marist community gathered to celebrate mass for All Saints’ Day, a Holy Day of Obligation, on Friday, November 1, 2019.

Before the liturgy began, Principal Larry Tucker '79 shared the story of “Easy Eddie” and Butch O’Hare. Eddie’s decision to change his lifestyle, not only altered his own life but the life of his son. Mr. Tucker’s point was that each of us can make a choice to change our behavior and our life at any time, no matter our age or our sins.

During the homily, which was from the Gospel of Matthew, Fr. Tom Hurley '85, spoke about how the words from the reading, "When [Jesus] saw the crowds," can be understood as Jesus seeing the world and all those who suffer--the meek, the mourning, etc. We can apply it to our modern life in seeing the bullied, the addicted. The saints saw the world, too, through the "lens of love; the lens of God," Fr. Hurley said. They were put on earth by Christ in order to "call the plays" by having faith, not giving up, and responding to the needs of others. 

Fr. Hurley also shared the story of the late Tom Owens, a Marist parent and grandparent, who founded CARA, which helps homeless and jobless people get the training and support services needed to get back to a fully engaged life. That's saintly work; to help others and to see them with the lens of love.

Along with the prayers of the faithful, we lit candles and remembered those we have lost, including former employees, Marist Brothers, parents, alumni, and friends. We remembered the late Emily Beazely, a friend of many students at Marist, who would be a member of the class of 2021.

Br. Hank concluded the liturgy reminding us that saints were not perfect people and they are not all dead. There are saints among us living today.