Marist Brothers in Syria

Dear Marists, 

The situation in Aleppo is very dramatic. Western media is talking about the destruction of a hospital but doesn't focus on the rest of the reality in Aleppo.  It's an inferno. Yesterday we had to spend an hour in the corridor of the community to protect ourselves from the mortars that fell in the neighbourhood. With all that, we were able to distribute the monthly food baskets to 400 families.

Marist_AleppoPeople are afraid. And I confess that for the first time I feel the horror... The Blood.... The hate... The destruction… The death...  I feel like anything can happen at any time. I feel like the forces of evil have filled the hearts of the people of Aleppo with an unforgettable fear.

I feel that it is not the time to complain... So much pain- we need to get out from under our fear to serve a forgotten people.

As a Marist, it is crucial to be very close to each person who is suffering.  It's great to open the doors of the community. It's important to be available despite the risks. This may mean walking on an empty, dangerous street, or driving a person to his house, or consoling a family whose child has been killed. This is a presence, a solidarity with the wounded of war. This is what it means to be Marist, a community of men, women, brothers, young people, and adults.

It's important to entertain a field of prayer that gives hope. I mean Jesus and Maria, whom you can count on.

Thank you for your fraternity. Your support and that of our Brother Emili (Superior General of the Marist Brothers) as well as all the Marists around the world offers us hope and relief.

A Hug,

Br. George Sabe, FMS

(Translated from Spanish)