Remembering Br. Vito

Br_VitoToday, February 28, 2020, is the tenth anniversary of the death of Brother Vito Aresto, a beloved member of the Marist-Chicago community for 40 years.  While many reading this did not get to know Brother Vito, some knew him well.

Brother Vito was the founder of the Marcellin Program as well as having served as chairperson of the Guidance Department.  Prior to his work in Guidance, Brother Vito was an English teacher, religion teacher, and soccer coach at Marist.

Brother Vito epitomized Marcellin Champagnat’s concern for and care for the least favored in our midst.  He believed with all his heart that all students can learn and be successful.  Those who knew Brother Vito in their student days knew that he believed in them and their potential to be successful.

Brother Vito was joined in his efforts in the Marcellin Program with his equally committed colleague, the late Mrs. Barb Duffy.  Their spirit, dedication, commitment, and belief are the elements which form the foundation of our current Marcellin Program.

Today, we give thanks to God for the life of Brother Vito and his witness of faith in young people.  Brother Vito would be uncomfortable with any attention on him, and he would want us to pray in thanksgiving this morning for all the women and men of Marist High School who work as teachers, counselors, moderators, and coaches – all in an effort to live out the vision and mission of Marcellin Champagnat.