We remember Cathy Chambers

Pink_Yellow_Green_Tips_Photo_Beauty_Skincare_Instagram_PostWith great sorrow, we announce the passing of former Marist teacher Cathy Chambers. Though she was taken from us much too soon, we are strengthened by the memory of Cathy and the many heartfelt contributions she made to our Marist community over the nineteen years that we were blessed to know her.

When Marcellin Champagnat thought of a Marist educator, he was thinking of Cathy Chambers.  Cathy embodied the pillars of what it means to be Marist, but it was her heart that stood out above all else.  She embraced her daily work as a true vocation.  Woven seamlessly into Cathy’s persona were the many friendships she treasured and the interactions she so enjoyed with our Marist community.  Young or old alike, we all felt her compassion, happiness and love that she modeled after Mary, our good Mother.  Cathy showed a sincere caring for each of us--you couldn’t walk away from her without feeling better about yourself and the conversation you just had.

We say that Marist is made up of the people more than the buildings; well, Cathy was a cornerstone of faith and love here at Marist.  We fondly remember the last time we saw her—the smile, maybe a hug and that Irish voice.  

We are better people because we knew Cathy Chambers.  In the spirit of Cathy and St. Marcellin, let all of us continue to dedicate ourselves to our work and our students as we make Jesus known and loved.