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Marist seeks host families for visiting French students

Marist is hosting 15 students from Sainte-Marie Lyon high school in Lyon, France Thursday, April 11 and Monday, April 22, 2019 (includes Easter). Host families for these students are needed and Chicago students do not have to be enrolled in French to be a host. Applications to host a French student are due by March 22, 2019.



  • All family members must want to host a student!
  • Marist students must be outgoing, welcoming and flexible to a change in routine and schedule.
  • Provide three meals a day for the student when he/she is at home. Provide breakfast and dinner on days when school is in session.
  • Have a separate bedroom or a room that will ensure privacy. The student can share a bedroom with a family member that is similar in age and the same gender.
  • Spend time with your student when you are at home. Please do not plan to change your regular schedule. Just include your student in your plans when possible.
  • Please take into consideration that they will be here during the Easter holiday and will be with your family for most of the five-day holiday. They will be leaving on Easter Monday (There is no school that day.)
  • Give them a ride to and from school.  Since the students will be attending classes at Marist and their excursions will depart from school, see that they have a lift to get to where they need to be.
  • Understand that your exchange student is not a native English speaker.  Be ready to help them improve their English.
  • By hosting a student in your home, you are not obligated to travel and stay with one of these students in the future.



  • It is relatively inexpensive to host an exchange student, but they may raise your food bill a little bit. The students bring their own spending money so they can pay their admission to extra activities and special events. Some families find that they spend a little more because they do more activities during the homestay so they incur additional expenses for their own family members.
  • Do you or your parents have further questions?  Contact French teachers Mr. Brant or Mr. Curtin.                     


The French students will be departing approximately two weeks prior to when the AP testing begins. Students enrolled in AP are strongly encouraged to consider this and discuss with their parents when making this decision. 

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