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Monday Minute 1-11-21

It’s official. The Christmas season is over.

Yesterday marked the end of the liturgical Christmas season and the beginning of “ordinary time”.  The concept of “ordinary time” may seem like an oxymoron in these pandemic days, but it is important to remember that the emphasis of “ordinary time” is the focus on the quick movement from the birth of the “baby Jesus” to the life and ministry of the adult Jesus. 

The adult Jesus is much more unsettling than the image of a new baby, but it is the adult Jesus who has shaped and inspired the generations who have come before us.  Even a quick glance at world history will remind us that those who came before us had their share of natural disasters, pandemics, suppressions, wars, and personal challenges.  The recent 204th anniversary of the founding of the Marist Brothers and Marist education is a great example.  France was reeling in the aftermath of a bloody revolution and the fallout that followed, yet because of the faith, trust, and resiliency of our Marist “ancestors”, here we are at Marist-Chicago in 2021.

Now, we take our place with our “ancestors” and try to respond with the same kind of faith and trust they did.  While we stand on their shoulders, it is now our turn to be the shoulders on which those who come after us will stand.  This is what makes Marists.

Brother Hank is listening to “Ancient Words” by Michael W. Smith. Listen in at


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