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Monday Minute 10-1-18

This Monday’s  Minute

October 1, 2018

Welcome to October, folks!  I found this in the Living Faith reflection book that I often use for night prayer.  It is entitled, “Taking Notice of God’s Love.”

Who are we that you care for us?

Why give a thought to mortals?

We are little more than a breath;

Our days, fleeting shadows. (Ps. 144: 3-4)

               With the passage of every day, life seems to move more quickly.  Where has the time gone, we wonder, and to what purpose?  It is humbling to know that what we are most familiar with—our own life—seems so insubstantial and tenuous.  Why would our fleeting moments be of any interest to the Creator of galaxies and mountains?

               The best evidence of God’s care for us is our life itself.  Every person’s existence bears the mark of the creator’s hand, though we may be unable to recognize it as we swiftly make our way from day to day.  I cannot grasp how the universe hangs together, much less appreciate how my life fits into God’s plans.  But in my best moments, I believe we are all here, from highest to lowest, because God loves us.  Forever.

Lord, strengthen my faith in your enduring love.  –( Mark Neilsen and BB)

This Monday Minute was written by Br. Brice Byczynski, FMS '67.

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