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Monday Minute 10-30-17

Jesus_no_doorknobA week from today is our faculty retreat. For some it is a day of retreat; for others it may be a variation on a day off; for some it may be a task.

One of my images of Jesus is the one where he is knocking at the door. Upon closer examination of the image, it is interesting to note that the door has no handle from the outside leading one to believe that only the person on the other side of the door can open it. Is that not a great metaphor for our relationship with Jesus? He can come into our lives only if we are willing to open the door.  Some may be able to open the door completely; others only a crack to see who’s there. 

As we prepare for our faculty retreat can we accept the fact that God loves us as we are and where we are? After all, a door opened all the way or just a bit is better than a closed door.

This Monday Minute is from Br. Hank Hammer

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