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Monday Minute 10-31-16

The Masks We Wear

The red and golden days, the cool crisp evenings, the crunch underfoot of the fallen leaves...the scent of bonfires...a clouded yellow moon...

Yes, it's that time of year when we pause for a consider...our costume...

We all would like to escape the person we are every day.  The person that is so predictable, so comfortable.

How exciting it would be to be someone else for the day!  Someone so unlike ourselves!!


Therr is a different kind of mask we wear almost every day anyway...

The mask that protects us from our vulnerability.  The mask that keeps everyone else away...or at least, at a distance.

The mask of, "I've got this covered", even when we don't.  The mask of, "I'm fine", even when we're not.  The mask of, "everything's okay", even when it's not.

This Halloween why don't we attempt to remove those masks...allow life to happen to us and allow those who love and care for us, to enter...get closer

God created us for Himself, true, but also for one another...we are told that to truly find yourself, you must lose yourself in the work of helping others.

What if we allowed someone to help us, be there for us, guide us, comfort us...?

What an interesting Halloween and start of the Fall Season of Thanksgiving and Christmas if we removed our masks and let the beautiful person God created shine through!

Be ourself?  Be vulnerable?  Be open?  Be unguarded?  Let the walls down? 

How scary!!!!!

This Monday Minute was written by religion teacher Tammy Ochoa.


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