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Monday Minute 11-11-19

Has the month been full enough for you yet? 

This first week alone we’ve witnessed the girls’ volleyball sectional and super-sectional championships. We’ve had a weekend of successful “Witness for the Prosecution” performances, two boys’ football victories, and a faculty retreat among other things. 

This month, even before the holidays, we’ve already celebrated All Saints Day on the 1st , All Souls on November 2, and a mass for deceased alumni last Saturday. 

Today, November 11, we take the opportunity to honor ALL veterans, as we remember those who have served and who are serving in the armed forces. Let us take this moment to remember those to whom we owe our freedom for their service and dedication, their patriotism and courage…

If they are deceased let us pray, “Good and gracious God, by whose mercy the departed find rest, look kindly upon your departed veterans, who gave their lives in the service of our country.  May they share in the joy of your heavenly kingdom and rejoice in You with your saints forever.”

If the veterans you know or meet today are alive, thank them.  And you can pray also, “God, bless our veterans of war and peace.  Let them know justice in their lives and appreciation for their sacrifice. 

Strengthen those who currently serve in the military. 

Bring a swift end to war and reunite military families.

We ask all this through Christ, our living Lord.  Amen.”  


May we carry this thankfulness for these men and women to our Thanksgiving tables at the end of the month. 

And let us always remember, “to pray for each other.”

- Br. Brice


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