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Monday Minute 11-12-18

Do our lives feel like this “Supermarket Sweepstakes?”

Once there was a supermarket sweepstakes in which the five finalists were each given a fifteen shopping spree.

Whoever accumulated the highest total on the register receipt would be declared the winner.  As they began, the finalists sped through the aisles, scooped up expensive items, crashed carts into one another, and bounced off store fixtures.  It was a hectic, mad-dash race among the contestants.

                From around an aisle there appeared a young man who sauntered along, casually selected items off the shelves and placed them in his cart.  Amid the pushing and shoving, one of the finalists gaped at him as he slowly moved along.  She shouted to him, “Why are you poking along and not in a hurry like everyone else?” 

                “Me?” he replied.  “Why my father owns the store.”

For many people, life is approached as if it were a sweepstakes game, with everyone running and bumping into one another.  They are consumed with greed and the need to accumulate the most things.  But we can learn from Jesus that there is more to life than a mad-dash race.  He reminds us that God is our Father, and after all, he owns the store.

As a weekend full of plays, playoff games, and other activities ends, and the holiday season approaches…we can change the way we “play…”   And remember, “Let us continue, to pray for each other…”


Brother Brice

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